Pharmaceutical Medicines

As Lucenta pharmaceuticals is India’s fastest growing company. Our goal is to foster collaborative solutions for improving minority health and reducing ethnic and geographic disparities in different health diseases. As a pharmaceutical company our main aim is to research and create best medicines for the people.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

Talk to your health care professional

Make sure you understand the following points before you start taking any medication

• Why you need the drug ?
• How and when to take the drug?
• How to store the drug?
• What might happen if you don’t take the drug as prescribed?

Don’t hesitate to ask your health care professional to write down any medication instructions.


• I sometimes forget/put off having my medication refilled
• I sometimes forget to take my medication.
• I sometimes take my medication at the wrong times.
• I take many different medications and sometimes it’s hard to keep them straight.

Playing Doctor

• I sometimes stop taking medication once I feel better.
• I sometimes take more or less of my medication than my doctor prescribed.
• I sometimes stop taking my medication because I think it is not working.


• I don’t understand when I am supposed to take my medication.
• I don’t ask my health care professional questions about my medication because I am shy or embarrassed.
We encourage you to talk to your health care professional about taking your medications correctly.
We aim at creating a better tomorrow for patients by delivering quality medications. At Lucenta, we make far more than just traditional medicines. Lucenta offers a variety of drug delivery mechanisms.

We have wide rage of segments

• CARDIAC Segment
• DIABETIC Segment
• GYNAE Segment
• OTC Segment